All About Me

A long time ago, in a small place few people know exists, I was born. There were no stars in the night sky drawing wise men to my crib and I make no claims to nobility.
I went to school; it matters not where as long as the ability to read, write and add two plus two with reasonable confidence is the result. Some may argue but that is their prerogative.

QUALIFICATIONS: Doctorum Adamus cum Flabello Dulci.
Plus various in rail track engineering from a college in a town with a modern art sculpture in its centre that looks like left over building ruble.

I am now old enough to be called an opinionated old so and so, but these opinions are based on life experiences so I see little wrong in that. In fact, I believe that being opinionated is a necessity for a writer. A plot, after all, is a conflict of opinions.
I live by a motto written by Qenherkhepshef the scribe in 1200BC:


Be a scribe! Put it in your heart that your name should exist like theirs!
A man has perished: His corpse is dust and his people have passed from the land.
It is a book, which makes him remembered in the mouth of the speaker.
More excellent is a scroll than a built house, than a chapel in the west.

INTERESTS: Books & literature. Photography. History. The Occult.

HISTORY: Because when you delve beyond the superficial account and get into the meat of the detail you discover that very often, the most duplicitous, backstabbing, conniving, and vicious of the parties involved, was the victor, probably because they were the most duplicitous, backstabbing, conniving, and vicious.
The victor then instructs the scribes retelling the tale to paint a rosy picture painting them as the hero. Thus the ‘good guy’ always wins and everyone lives happily ever after.

THE OCCULT: Because established religion tries to tell you what to believe while condemning the occult as something wicked and evil when it is simply a word that means, hidden. So that is a lie and those that want to keep something hidden often do so because whatever they wish hidden, is something which will reveal that they really the ones who are wicked and evil.


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